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India is another biggest nation within the world that imparts higher education to suit world needs. India got each private and government universities. Government of India and local state governments support these universities. There are few universities beneath the management of personal societies. Most of them are listed top in South Asian universities ranking.


Engineering is that the mean study of obtaining and applying scientific, mathematical, economic, social, and wise data, which can facilitate to vogue and develop devices, systems or processes that improve the living of people. Chemical, Civil, Electrical and Mechanical are the foremost, core engineering branches.

In India, we have got varied engineering streams, that relate to physics and half, Civil, Computers, Chemical, Electronic and Electrical, Mechanical, Automobile, Instrumentation, producing, Marine, branch of knowledge And Material, Mining, Biotechnology, Agricultural, Applied Engineering Sciences, Environmental, Industrial, compound and, Textile Engineering. There are many vary of personal, public and autonomous institutions across the country, providing quality education, state of the art facilities and each one the co-curricular and extra-curricular facilities required to advance a good engineer.